FWS Orientation -- Part 1


Thank you for participating in the 2021-2022  Federal Work-Study Program. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic during the Summer 2021, students will only be allowed to work in jobs that can be performed remotely. 


What is Federal Work-Study (FWS)?


·    FWS is a financial aid program that gives you an opportunity to be placed in a part-time program that accommodates your class schedule.



·    Gives you an opportunity to gain work experience related to your program of study or career choice.



·     Provides you with an opportunity to participate in paid community service work.




What are the basic requirements for FWS participation?


·    You must have a FWS award.

·    You must be a matriculated student.

·    You must be registered for a minimum of six credits each semester you participate in the FWS program.

·    You must stop working when you have earned the maximum earnings or reached the last date of attendance indicated on the FWS Student/Employer Agreement whichever comes first.

·    Awards not used by the last scheduled day to work will not rollover into the next academic year.

·    You will not be paid for hours worked in excess of your award.