Federal Work-Study Orientation for On and Off Campus Jobs



FWS Orientation -- Part 2 of 7 -- You must complete all parts and submit form at the end of this orientation. 


What is placement?


Placement is the process by which you select a potential job, and are interviewed for a FWS position.


What Are the Steps Involved In Placement?


            1. Select an on-campus job utilizing the Student Employment website:



2.  Before searching for a job, you must first agree to the statement listed under "Find a Job".

3.  Schedule an interview by completing and submitting the on- line FWS job application.

4.  Obtain the FWS Intent to Hire Form from your potential employer.


What kinds of FWS jobs are there?


On-Campus Assignments


You will work in one of the offices or departments. There are a variety of on-campus positions available including clerical, language tutor and research assistant to name a few. The minimum hourly rate for on-campus jobs is $15.00 per hour for undergraduate students, and $17.00 per hour for graduate students.


NOTE: There are a few community service jobs on campus.




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