Federal Work-Study Orientation for On and Off Campus Jobs


FWS Orientation -- Part 7 (Final Steps)


What do I have to do now?

  1. Begin your online job search at: https://hunter.studentemployment.ngwebsolutions.com/ 
  2. When you find a position that interests you, submit the one page application, and the supervisor will contact you to make an appointment for an interview.
  3. Download the FWS Hiring Packet using the link provided in the placement email.
  4. If a supervisor wants to hire you, the supervisor will give you the FWS Intent to Hire Form (FIHF). 
  5. The completed 'FWS Hiring Packet' should be uploaded through CUNYFirst using this link. 


If you have completed the Hunter College FWS Orientation Parts 1-7, please click here to complete the FWS Orientation Confirmation form.



Thank you. 




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